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Interested in LinkedIn Ads?

We have just created a 3-part LinkedIn Ads basics video series where we go through in detail, how to start advertising in LinkedIn all the way from creating a business page, to optimising and reporting of your paid campaigns.

To get access to the series, fill out the form below!

Heads up, the series is in Finnish. 

Antti-Jussi, Finamon Oy

"The process was fast, flexible and progressed as promised all the way to the publication of the website. 
I am very satisfied with Aihocon services, I recommend it!"

Jenika, Mielentelakka MIETE

"Very smooth cooperation.
Based on this experience Aleksi seems like a precise and competent guy."


Coach Juhis

“Aihocon marketing audit and consulting helped bring the systematicity familiar from training to marketing as well."

Anni, Kokoomus

"The service was competent, flexible and prompt. The webpage has already received widespread praise and compliments from visitors.
Thank you very much and strong recommendation!"
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Aihocon guides you on your digital journey.

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